The History
Butterfield Plantation
The 5,200 sq ft Plantation home built in 1929 by The Campbell’s (he was a stock Broker), was masterfully built and the architecture is to be appreciated. The name Butterfield comes from the maiden name of Mrs. Campbell, whose family owned the famed Butterfield Overland Stage Company (service St Louis – San Francisco). The front lights on the porch are from one of the stagecoaches. The general floor plan of the house closely follows the layout of the “Roselawn, “ one of only three large plantation homes not destroyed by General Sherman in his “March to the Sea”. Many of the sills and joists in the house were hand hewn from trees on this tract, with much of the work accomplished on this site. Some of the present area residents are direct descendants of the original landowners and slaves in the county. Eli Whitney was said to have placed the first cotton gin constructed in SC on this tract. Numerous Indian tribes inhabited the general area for thousands of years, and artifacts can still be found on the property today.
Butterfield Plantation
The 5,000 sq Ft Plantation home was built in 1929 by The Campbells. It was masterfully built and the architecture is to be appreciated. Butterfield Plantation is located in Allendale, SC, located on the west bank of the Savannah River, intersected by HWY 301. The Plantation is located next to 13,000 ac Millberry Plantation, as well as 17,000 ac Wade Plantation across the River. Willingham, and in proximity to Groton, Erwington Creek and Milhaven Plantation.
First Transcontinental Mail System
The Butterfield Overland Mail Trail was a stagecoach service in the United States, operating from 1857 to 1861.
Butteffield Overland Mail becomes Wells Fargo Company
John Butterfield left the mail delivery business because of debts owed to his partners, Henry Wells and William Fargo, and the Wells Fargo Company took over the Overland Mail Trail Route.
Butterfield Plantation is built
The 5,000 sq foot plantation home built in 1929 by the Campbell family, was masterfully built and the architecture is to be appreciated.
Mike Finch Purchases Butterfield
Michael Trezevant Finch aqquires Butterfield Plantation. Mike spent many years cultivating and stewarding these wonderful properties, and many friendships evolved from times spent at these exceptional places.
Edisto/Butterfield Tower Registered
Constructed circa 1933 by the CCC, this Bethlehem Steel tower is 110 feet tall with a 7'x7' steel cab and centered pivot-out type windows, was first referred to as the "Edisto Tower" by the SC Forestry Commission (SCFC). It was originally located at about 12 miles ESE of Bamburg, SC. The tower was purchased from SCFC and moved to private property in October, 2005.
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